Meal of the day!


Lately I’ve been in kind of a slum. I’ve been letting myself lose my inner peace, and I’ve also been letting myself eat poorly and not a lot which has resulted in me getting sick. Last year, I ate very healthy and felt good almost all the time. But since I’ve moved to Tampa, I’ve been giving into bad habits. But I went grocery shopping last night at Whole Foods and I decided then that I’m going to get back of track with my eating habits and my peace of mind. I also decided shortly after making the amazing meal above that I should take a picture of what I eat, whether it’s good or bad, and post it. If it’s good, I can talk about what it is and track my eating habits. If it’s bad, I can talk about why I felt I wanted that over something healthy and maybe prevent myself from doing it again. I want to get back into my healthy lifestyle and mind set. The only problems in my life are the ones I create for myself. I can overcome anything I tell myself I can.
So here’s what I ate today –
For breakfast I had a Dunkin Donuts Iced Caramel Swirl Coffee with cream only (a bad habit I’m choosing to keep – I’d addicted).
I also had a Chicken Salad Sandwich on a Toasted Croissant, which I have almost everyday :/ (which I will no longer be consuming starting tomorrow).
Then I had a multigrain croissant at work (not too bad for you but I should still cut out carbs where I can).
I also had a Reeses Peanut Butter Cookie at work (no more of those either).
Then, for my good choice and favorite meal of the day –
For dinner I made an omelette with kale, organic cheese, ham, and onions. I paired it with an apple sauce cup (also organic) and my BluePrint Juice “coffee, cashew, cinnamon, vanilla” drink. For dessert I had a few of my Back To Nature Organic Chocolate Chunk cookies. Not a perfect choice but definitely better than the cookie earlier!

I definitely need to limit my sugar and carb intake, while eating more fruits and veggies. I already have tomorrows breakfast made inside my head so stay tuned for that!

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