Lets restart

Sooooo when I originally made this blog, I planned to travel and write about the places I’ve traveled to. But it didn’t take long for me to get side tracked and use it once and a while as a way to vent. While I’ll probably still use it as a way to vent, I am going to start actually using it for writing about my traveling adventures. When I first started this, I was thinking too much on a big scale. That I had to drive all over and spend all kinds of money to have a good blog, but someone recently told me to start small scale and review, state parks, coffee shops, different beaches, and more places like that, and once I get myself established, move up too the bigger things. This was something I had never thought about and I realized they could not be more right.
So I am going to be restarting my blog, and blogging more about new places I have visited even just here in Tampa.
I have also made and Instagram so make sure to follow me! @youngandrestlessfl

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