Upper Tampa Bay Trails


So after a big, not-so-healthy breakfast, my friend and I decided to go on a “hike” to work off our breakfast. I use quotations because Florida doesn’t really have hills. I’m originally from New Hampshire which is a very mountainous state. So when I use the word “hike” in Florida, I feel like the quotations are necessary.
The Upper Tampa Bay Trails are very long and stretch all over the west side of Tampa. There are many different entrances to the trails and lots to see. My friend and I took her 11 week old, pit bull puppy with us because he loves to get out and walk. We started the trail from the entrance off W Waters Ave. It was beautiful out today. 75 degrees and sunny. A perfect day. We walked on the paved trails and on the grass trails. I think my favorite thing about taking nature walks is meeting all the other people exercising or just trying to experience nature. There was A LOT of bikers. Majority of the people we talked to were biking which was awesome to see. There was a long river with a small waterfall dam (pictured above). Even though there is exactly “fall foliage” in Florida, the foliage was beautiful. The trail was long with lots of turns and different paths to take. Overall, the trails were beautiful the people were friendly, and I had a great time exploring somewhere new here in Tampa! Definitely a place to check out for you outdoorsy people.

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