The stress of a relationship

The worst part of any relationship is the constant mental battle of “Am I over reacting?” “Am I being dramatic?” “Does he feel something is off also?”. These questions bother me to no end because I consider myself a very realistic person. I pride myself on not being a crazy girlfriend and always trying to give people the benefit of the doubt, or normally, I just don’t care enough which I’ve always liked about myself. It saves you heart break and emotional strain. But now I find myself constantly worrying about if I’m acting crazy or not. He is acting differently. I’m not naive. I know that the honeymoon phase of the relationship is over, but when I start to feel like he’s less sincere and only texts me out of obligation, something is wrong. He never talks to me about what goes on in his life anymore and he use to all the time. He never tells me anything. I feel like I’m dating someone and I know almost nothing about their life. I can’t stay with someone who makes me question their feelings for me. It’s so strange that he’s acting this way considering about three weeks ago he asked me to move in with him and told me he already knew I was the person he was going to spend the rest of his life with which is a big thing to already know. I wasn’t sure I was ready for that or that I felt the same way, and I still feel that way. I’m too young to know that. I had considered moving in with him because I was getting tired of Tampa and I wanted something new and I still kind of do. But with the way he’s acting, it’s no surprise I’m starting to second guess all that. I have enough going on. I don’t need to worry about a boy I never see. I do love him, but I’m also young. I’m not the type of person to hesitate ending something because it makes me unhappy. My happiness is most important to me and I miss how carefree I use to be and I’ve been trying to get back to that. If he wants to stick around while I’m figuring things out, that’s up to him. But he needs to realize I’m not gonna let him prevent me from doing that.

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