Nothing left to do

I think one of the worst feelings in a relationship is feeling like you keep trying and trying, and that you care so much, and the other person doesn’t care at all. Especially when that person use to care? What happened to make you less affectionate? To make it so easy for you to brush me off like I’m not important. I think you so easily forget that I don’t need anyone who doesn’t need me. Being in a long distance relationship makes ending things easier too because I never see you to begin with, so what am I losing really? An intense relationship with my cell phone? No, not even that because with the way you’ve been acting lately, I’ve actually been able to distance myself from my phone. I just don’t understand guys. Why is it so hard to just say exactly how you feel? Why does everything have to be a mind game? I’m too young to feel tied down to someone who I never see and can never make time for me. What is the point?
A relationship is suppose to be an equal partnership. Both people trying to maintain the relationship and have equal poll. A relationship should be two people who bring out the best in each other and help the other grow and be happy. If you’re getting none of that… what is the point? I guess that’s the major question here. Only time will tell. I’m just tired of being told I’m important but never being treated that way. I’d rather be alone than let someone affect my happiness even if I love them.
I’m just going to give it some time. Distance myself a bit. Tomorrow is suppose to be beautiful out. Ill sleep in, go to the gym, take a bath maybe, and then sit out on the patio and read. Theres nothing that relaxes me more than sitting in the sun and reading. I work tomorrow night, but have Saturday off and it’s suppose to be a good beach day so I think it would be best to take advantage of that too. Hopefully I can clear my head and figure out what my next step should be. We’ll see if he cares…

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