Continuing my skin journey

In my last post I talked about some products and things I’ve done that helped clear up my skin. When I said clear up my skin, I meant significantly improved it, not made my skin 100% flawless with no breakouts. I’ve been doing a little more research about it and with most people saying eating a vegan diet is what REALLY did it for them, a lot of them said to basically carry that vegan diet into what you’re putting on your face as well. A lot of people claimed that when they started to wash their face less and with all natural products, their skin because nearly perfect. I’ve decided to put that to the test. Oddly enough, before discovering other people did this, my friend was telling me that when she was in high school, she knew a girl with pretty bad acne, and then all of the sudden, her skin cleared up. She asked her what she did to clear up her skin and the girl replied “I just wash it with regular soap and water”. When my friend told me about this I thought there’s no way. But after hearing and reading people talk about how it worked wonders for them, I’m thinking I need to try it. I mean, it makes sense. Putting all the drying chemicals on your face does seem like it could make it worse. And I’m all for trying to do things more naturally. So starting Tuesday (pay day), I am going to start a new skin care routine that involves less products on my skin. My plan is to start removing my makeup with coconut oil, wash my face with a vegan, all natural bar of soap, and then exfoliate 2-3 times a week with an all natural, vegan face scrub. I will also start using apple cider vinegar as a toner, but I will continue to use my regular Cetaphil moisturizer because I swear by it. Hopefully this new routine, in conjunction with the dairy free diet, will clear up my skin dramatically.
I will definitely be updating on here with pictures and information on my journey. Wish me luck!

One thought on “Continuing my skin journey

  1. Hi there!

    I cleared my skin up with a combination of things, but the main thing that did it for me was eating really good foods and drinking a whole lot of water. I’m not vegan but vegetarian, and found that a lot of good fat videos like avocado and olive oil did WONDERS for my skin. I also make sure to avoid things that make me break out, like stress and (unfortunately) chocolate 😦 I also avoided wearing a lot of make-up and now only use cetaphil in the shower and QV face moisturiser on my skin. If I am going out I use a mineral powder but never put liquid foundation on anymore, and my skin has never been better!

    I’ve heard a few people say dairy breaks them out, I don’t find that personally but I really believe in listening to our bodies so you should go with what words for you 🙂

    Good luck with your skin! Great post 🙂


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