Skin Update

This past Sunday, I went to Whole Foods and purchased a couple of things for my skin. I purchased a bar of oatmeal aloe vera vegan soap, and organic fruit exfoliator, and apple cider vinegar. I’ve been using this products for two days now and here is what happened…
The bar of soap is amazing at getting my makeup off. I use it twice. Once to get my makeup off, and once to actually cleanse my face. It leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean… literally. Then I use to scrub. Because it is organic and all nature, I feel better about using it once everyday so I can get a deep clean. I only use the scrub if I was just wearing makeup. The scrub feels amazing as well and leaves my skin so soft. Lastly, I use the apple cider vinegar. If there’s one thing I can tell you about it, it’s DILUTE IT WITH WATER. This is really important because the first time I didn’t dilute it, and it dried out my skin so much. Not only that, but diluting it helps with the vinegar smell. I put it on a cotton ball and apply it like a toner. I do not do this every day though. I suggest 2-3 times a week only. Then I moisturize with my regular Cetaphil moisturizer. So far, I’ve mostly noticed a difference in the texture of my skin. It seems more normal and less discolored. Also, i’ve noticed less pore visibility. I think it has cleared up my skin a little already. Normally when I start doing something different with my skin routine, it takes about a week to a week and a half to notice a difference, so I’m thinking it’ll work if I already see a difference.
I have been doing more research though. A lot of people recommend vitamin A, because when it comes down to it, acne starts from the inside and moves out. I’m going to go pick up some natural vitamin A today. A low dosage too. When I was reading about it, a lot of people said they had a high dosage and took it once a day and it caused different side effects that aren’t necessarily bad, but you don’t want them. So I’m going to start with a semi low dosage and take it every other day. If I start to feel like I can handle more, I’ll start taking it once a day. Vitamin a is also very good for eye sight and just the texture of your skin. I’ll update you guys on my skin in a couple more days with pictures!

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