House Hunt

I’ve reached the point in my search to find a house for my boyfriend and I, where I’m starting to get stressed. There’s just too many factors going into this. Like, we would prefer a house but will settle for an apartment. We need them to allow pets and have a washer and dryer in the actual unit. It can’t be more than 30 minutes away from my boyfriends job or my school. But I still don’t know if I even got into the school yet so will that matter? And I can’t apply for a job until I know where we’ll be living because I don’t want it to be too far away. But I need to start applying for jobs soon because I want to have interviews ready and set up by the time I get home so I can start working right away. There’s just so many things to worry about right now. I’ve had enough time and I’ve been actively looking, but now time is dwindling and the places we liked were snatched away. I’m trying to not let the stress get to me, but to be honest, it’s starting to.

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