I Love Being an Adult (Sarcasm)

It’s currently 8:36am and my day is already kind of… off. Last night I was trying to finish filling out my FAFSA for school. I called my mom because it started asking me a lot of questions about my parents income and what not. My mom was a little confused as to why it needed to know about all their stuff. I told her it was because their system declared me a dependent based on my information. After thinking long and hard about it, I told my mom it was probably because I put that my parents still claim me on their taxes… which I thought they did. Turns out they don’t, and they haven’t for the past two years. Which makes so much sense because I only got $63 back on my taxes this year which I thought was weird. So then, it turned into this whole big thing, because if FAFSA thinks I’m a dependent, they’re going to look at my parents income and decide that they make too much money for me to get any student loans. Mind you, I’ve been living on my own and paying for everything I do with my hard earned money for the past almost three years. So, I had to file an amended tax return (which is basically what you do if you screw up your first one). As soon as I put that I wasn’t being claimed on any one else taxes, my return went up to $600. Like are you serious? I was suppose to get that money to begin with and I’m very very tight on money right now so that definitely would have been nice. So I had to print all the paper work out and send it into the IRS which I did today. But, it takes 8-12 weeks to get the return. On top of that, now I have to call FAFSA and explain to them the situation that way I can hopefully get a good chunk of money for school. It’s ALWAYS something. I can never catch a break.
On top of all that, like I previously mentioned, I am incredibly broke. Rent is due tomorrow and I literally have JUST ENOUGH money for rent. I get paid on Tuesday but from Sunday to Tuesday I will probably have $25 to my name. I love being an adult.
On top of THAT, I’ve had the past two days off and I haven’t had two days in a row off in literally months. I feel like I’m kind of going crazy which makes me think, do I really have so little going on in my life that two days off in a row makes me crazy? I ended up going to the beach yesterday, and my friend asked me to go to the beach with her today, and even though I’m broke I said yes. Then this morning, like every Florida person ever does, she bailed. I swear there’s something in the water here in Florida because everyone I’ve met here is like notorious for bailing on plans. I don’t get it. When I make plans with someone, I always follow through unless theres an emergency. It’s not that hard. The thing to is that, it’d be one thing if I asked to hangout and people bailed, I’d be like “ok maybe i’m just not fun to hangout with”. But 9 times out of 10, they make the plans to begin with, and then bail. Like why do you even bother to waste both of our times. Now I have to find something else to do to fill in the day so I’m not sitting around. Maybe it’s good though, because now I won’t be tempted to spend money at the beach.
On top of all that, it’s the weekend now which means my boyfriend will be getting distant. He works Monday through Friday 7am-5pm or later and has the weekends off. And every weekend he goes to visit his friends in college and just parties all weekend. Which I don’t care about the partying, it’s just that he barely talks to me during the weekends, but then get confused when I don’t really care to answer his texts. Maybe because you’re taking 30 minutes between texts and I’d rather not waste my time checking my phone for a pointless conversation. It sounds harsh, but it’s true. I’m not gonna keep checking my phone to see if you finally found the time to text me back. I’d rather just not talk and we can both do our things. He doesn’t get that though. When I’m doing something and don’t feel like talking, he blows up my phone. But when he’s busy and I know it, I try to just leave him alone and then he gets all “why are you being distant?”. Because you’re busy and I know you are. Just relax. And this is the from the guy who will go MIA for like 12+ hours. Do I question him? No. I know he’s with his friends. But god forbid if I ever did that. He would call me like 12,000 times and blow up my phone and get all pissed. Relationships are a two way street. You can’t always have it your way.

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