Big Changes

Today is Saturday May 7th 2016. Today is also my last day working at Athleta, and as much as I love working there and the girls I work with, I am excited to be done and just relax for a while. After today, there are 4 more days until my mom and I begin our drive to New Hampshire. There are a lot of new things coming, and a few things I will be leaving behind. After work today, I have my friend Nadjas birthday dinner. Tomorrow, Gabi and I decided will be our last Florida beach day. We’re going to spend the entire day at the beach for one last relaxing day. Monday will be deep cleaning. We plan to deep clean the entire apartment and get ready to back everything up. Gabi will also be cutting my hair for me as it needs a trim badly. Tuesday will be our major packing day. We’re going to finally box everything up and get it ready to go. We also will have the first walk through inspection of our apartment before we leave, and I have to close my bank account. Wednesday is the day everyone flies in. They all get here around 5:30pm so I’m going to take the day to pack a bag for things I’ll need on the road, last minute clean, buying cat calming medication for Woodstock so he doesn’t freak out in the car, and also getting my nails and eye brows done. Then we’ll be picking everyone up at the airport, and going to Bahama Breeze for dinner and drinks for my last night out in Tampa. My mom and I will be leaving bright and early Thursday morning. We are going to try to make it to Virginia by night or at least right outside of Virginia. Friday we’re going to be going to Busch Gardens Virginia for the day just to do something fun on our way back up. Then we’ll probably try to make it to Delaware to crash for the night. Then on Saturday, it’ll be from Delaware to New Hampshire. Should take about 6 hours so if we leave around 9am or so we should be back around dinner time. I’m really excited to see my family, but as bad as this might sound, I’m more excited to see my boyfriend. I miss him so much it actually hurts sometimes.
We actually had a really good talk yesterday. So just a little history for you, before my boyfriend and I were together, I was kind of with one of his best friends. At the time, I never even imagined my boyfriend and I would get together so it didn’t really matter. About a month after I ended things with his best friend, my boyfriend and I started talking, and about two months after, we started dating. I knew my boyfriend knew I had been with his friend, but he obviously didn’t care, and honestly he probably knew he didn’t have a right to care. After I ended things though, I could tell his friend still wasn’t over it even though he knew I was with my boyfriend. He would text me about the most unnecessary shit, where you could tell he was doing it just to talk to me. This went on for a while, and he would periodically text me about dumb shit. I tried to be nice, but I gave him nothing. One word answers and then I would stop answering all together after not too long. Weirdly enough, he has a twin brother who I know has been in love with me since the 6th grade. He tells me over and over. He’s tried to break me and my boyfriend up multiple times, and will text me saying he had a dream him and I were dating and blah blah. But if there’s anything I’ve learned in my relationship, it’s how important it is to be honest and upfront. So I immediately tell my boyfriend about the twin brother. But I had been debating for a while whether to tell him about how his friend still texts and and acts like he’s not over it. I didn’t want to ruin their friendship, but I also don’t want to go home and constantly feel uncomfortable when he’s around, and also feel bad that my boyfriend doesn’t know what his friend is doing behind his back. So yesterday, I finally told him everything. Well almost everything. I chose to leave out certain feelings his friend told me he had for me because I didn’t want to push my boyfriend any further. But of course my boyfriend was on my side and said he’d talk to him, and that if he acts weird around me this summer he’s not going to hang out with him anymore. It makes me feel so much better just knowing that my boyfriend knows the situation now. I was really afraid of what would happen if he found out from someone else but me. I just want him to know everything in hopes he’s return the favor if something like that was happening to him. It’s important to know who your enemies are.

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