Getting Back into the Swing of Things

So I go back to school in a little over two weeks and I’m super excited. I’m even more excited that I feel like I’ve started to get my life back a little bit. I brought over some of my stuff from my apartment in Florida to make my room at my parents house feel more like my own. I set up a bunch of stuff, cleared out some boxes, and made the space feel more me. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m going to be here a little longer than I want. Work has been slow and I just have a lot to pay for, especially this month with school supplies, texts books, car payments, car registration, and my monthly school payment. It all adds up. I’ve basically had enough money to pay for everything with just a tiny bit left over. I definitely don’t have enough money to afford my own place yet, and that bothers me a lot, but I had to find a solution to at least make me feel better temporarily. That was just making my room more comfortable and organized so I can feel more organized. My personal goal is to have found my own place and be ready to move out before Halloween. That way I’m all settled in with my classes, work will have picked up, and I will have had time to save up money. I’m trying to think positive about this. On top of all this, it’s honestly amazing what purging your space and making it what you want will do for you mentally. I feel stronger, and happier, and like my life is starting to come together.
It may sound bad, but I’m also really excited to start school so that I can have friends and people to hang out with that aren’t my boyfriend. I don’t have many friends in this city, but it’s kind of by choice because I went to high school with everyone in this city thats my age, and I DO NOT want to be friends with them. My boyfriend knows this, yet he still low key makes jokes about how I need to find some friends. I hope he’s ready because when the school year starts, I plan to make new friends and just hang out with them a ton. Nothings wrong between us, I’m just tired of ONLY having him to hangout with. It makes me feel so dependent and honestly it can be boring sometimes. I love him to death but I just need some girl friends around.
Anyways, I want to be more healthy again, so with the left over money I have from all my payments, I’m going to start buying my own groceries again and eat like I use to. I’m going to start working out when I can, even if that means when I get out of class for the day. I’m starting Accutane at the end of September, so that’s something to look forward to also. I’m just very excited for the next couple months.

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