Interior Decorating – IKEA Shelf

So you probably don’t know this about me, but I love interior decorating. I’m honestly a nerd about it. I love buying new home goods and deciding how I want to arrange them in my room or home, to make the space unique and show who I am. In my last post, I breifly talked about how I brought some stuff from my apartment in Florida from my storage unit to my bedroom in my parents house, because I was feeling a little out of sorts, and like I needed to make the space my own. Which leads me to my first interior decorating post!
So this is the over all view of the shelving unit I set up. It’s a 3 level white shelf from IKEA and I believe it was around $30. The top level is glass, and the two below are wooden.
This is the top left side of the shelving unit. In this area I have a silver, ceramic, tray from Home Goods for around $9.99 I believe. In the tray I normally keep my keys and sunglasses. The top and bottom pairs of sunglasses are from Forever21 and were both $7.90, and the pair in the middle is from Rue21 and were $2.50. The candle next to the tray is a Citrus scented candle from Target and it was in the Dollar Spot for $3. In the center of this side, I have a triple buddha tea light candle holder that I got from Ross Dress for Less for $14.99, and I am in love with it. It’s so cute and I love buddha anything.
Unknown-3This is the right side of the top shelf, and where I store most of my jewelry and perfumes. In the top right corner is a small, silver, engraved jewelry box that my grandparents got for me for my high school graduation. You can get something similar from a Things Remember store. Next two that I have two jewelry containers, the one on the bottom is from The Paper Store where my boyfriend got me an Alex and Ani bracelet for Christmas, and on top is a Tiffany and Co. box from when my mom bought me my first Tiffany necklace for my 20th birthday. Next to those is a small, fake plant from Ikea that I got for probably around $4.99. I love plants, but I’m not the greatest at keeping them alive. I normally have live plants in my home, but since this isn’t my permanent home, I’ve stuck with the fake ones for now. Next is my jewelry holder. It’s just a clear, acrylic container with separators which I’m pretty sure I got from Home Goods for around $6.99. I keep a lot of different stuff in it. Watches, earrings, rings, nose rings, belly rings, hair clips, bracelets, perfume and even chap stick.
Another view of the top shelf.
This is a view of the middle shelf. I kept it pretty simple, and more for looks than function.
The left side of the middle shelf is pretty simple. In front I have another fake plant from IKEA, also for probably around $4.99. Behind that I have another dollar spot candle for $3 from Target. That candle is a frosted cupcake scent, and I am saving it for when it gets closer to fall time because the scent makes more sense to me for the cooler weather. Next to all that I have a small, black from from IKEA that was about $6.99.

The right side of the middle shelf is my favorite part. My Crosley Record Player that I got from Barnes and Noble for $70. Now, the reason I got this so cheap is because I use to work at Barnes and Noble, so I got 10% off electronic purchases, AND I had a $20 gift card from winning an up selling contest, and I knew it had to be spent on this. This is just the standard player. I have a few records which vary in price that I also got from Barnes and Noble, and also a local record store. *Tip: If you purchase a record from Barnes and Noble, there is a good chance you will need some sort of weight on the needle of the player to keep it from skipping. I use a quarter and it works like a charm*.
Next, on the bottom left side of the shelving unit, I have a foot-tall, sitting buddha from either Ross Dress for Less OR Home Goods. It was around $14.99. Again, I absolutely love buddha anything. It’s so peaceful and adorable. Next to the buddha I have a silver night light because I am terrified of the dark and cannot sleep without one. This one is just silver with a design from Lowes and I believe it was around $9.99. You can also see I just have my record player and lamp plugged in.
On the bottom right side of the shelving unit, I have a silver, gemstone-looking book end from Home Goods that was on clearance for $12.99, and a small woven box also from Home Goods, that was around $9.99. Right now, I just keep some of my books in the box.
Here are just some of the books I own that are from all over the place. Most of them are from Barnes and Noble, because like I said, I use to work there, and I got 30% off books. I also have some from local book shops, BAM, and other random book stores.
That is all for my first interior decorating post. Please let me know if you liked it and would want to see more!

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