Starting Accutane

So today I picked up my first month of Accutane and started it. I’ve been waiting a long time for this and I’m so excited to finally have clear skin. It takes about 3 months of Accutane for your skin to really clear up, and I am on it for 6 months. They started me out with 40mg, and based on how it’s going every month, they will probably up the dosage. I have everything I need to survive this, so I’m ready. If you’re interested in the products I’ll be using, please refer to my Accutane Prep post. So since I’ve officially started Accutane, I wanted to post how my skin looks right now. Now, my skin fluctuates A LOT, so it’ll clear up and then break out over and over. Right now, my skin is breaking out BAD, but I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m starting my period next week. So here is my skin now…


So you can see that I am well in need of Accutane. I’m breaking out a lot, but I also have a lot of acne scarring which this treatment is also suppose to help with.
I’m so excited to finally be confident in my skin, and hopefully, if you’re thinking of starting Accutane, this will help you in your journey too. I will be updating you all every month so stay tuned!

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