Color Pop Review


So I ordered some stuff off of the ColorPop website a couple weeks ago even though I probably shouldn’t have because I’m broke. But I was on Pinterest one day and saw this aaaaaaamazing looking highlight from them, so naturally I had to find it and get it, and then I accidentally ordered some other stuff too… But fuck it. I liked it, so I bought it. Here’s my reviews…

First thing I ordered was obviously the highlighter I was talking about. This is the Super Shock Cheek in the color ‘Monster’.


So the thing I didn’t realize about these that I actually ended up really liking, was that they’re actually more of a cream consistency instead of a powder. They actually remind me of those bouncy blushes that Maybelline use to make… they might still make them I don’t really know. But that’s what this is. It’s super velvety soft feeling and it’s really nice.


The line through the middle is where I swatched it when I first got it, but it shows more of the true color of the highlight. It’s more pink than tan like it looks. It’s an iridescent pink color which isn’t for everyone, but I’ve always really liked those types of highlights.


Next time I do this I’m going to try some better lighting, but this is what it looks like with ONE SWATCH. I did not rub my finger in the product multiple times to get this. It does not come out this vibrant with a brush, so what I do is take it on my finger and dab/rub it onto my skin and build it to the color I like, and then I take my brush and go over it to blend it into my skin better and make it look more seamless. Overall, I give it 4 out of 5 stars. It’s cheap ($6 or $8), lasts all day, and is pretty pigmented.

Next I got a couple matte lip glosses. These are the Ultra Matte Lips. I wanted one that was more of a natural fall lip, and one that was a darker fall lip. The more natural one is in the color ‘Bianca’.


This is the only lip of the two that I got that I actually tried right away. This is a fleshy pink neutral color, but it’s a little darker than a nude lip.
This shit dries SO FAST. So I have tips for this.
Tip #1 Exfoliate the shit outta your lips first. This stuff will make your dry skin very visible so exfoliate… twice.
Tip #2 Try to use a lip liner first. If you’re like me and you suck at putting color on your lips, lip liner is your bff. Use that ish.
Tip #3 Moisturize the hell outta your lips. This makes a nice barrier so it doesn’t feel like your lip gloss is suctioned to your lips.
Tip #4 Apply slowly and dab any areas where there’s excess product so it doesn’t dry weird.
Other than that, the color is amazing, and that shit is not moving anywhere throughout the day, and it’s definitely matte. I’ll give it 3 out of 5 stars just because it requires a lot of maintenance to make it look good.

This is the other color I got in the shade ‘LAX’. It’s a dark cherry color and I love it. It shows up a little darker than it really is here, but it’s a beautiful color.

‘LAX’ On my lips.

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