One Week on Accutane: Update

I was only going to do updates every month, but before I started accutane, I found myself wondering how quickly side effects set in and what happened when. So I’m going to do weekly updates so you guys know what happens and when.

Today marks one week since I’ve started accutane. I take one everyday around lunch time with a meal. It took about 4 days for me to notice any side effects at all. I’ve noticed a couple things, but some are things that normally happen to me, so I’m not totally sure they are side effects.

The first and most prominent side effect has been dry lips. This started about 4 days into the treatment. I always make a habit of having chap stick on, but now I’m forced to have it on. My lips have been super dry and sensitive. I have to put chap stick on after I eat, every time. I probably end up applying it around 15-20 times a day. I use Carmex and it works really well to help.

Next is joint pain. I noticed this about 4 days in as well. Joint pain from accutane comes from your body being dehydrated. This particular day, I hadn’t drunk very much water and I think that’s why I got the joint pain. I haven’t had any since that day so it leads me to believe that was the cause.

Lastly is headaches. I have been getting headaches a little more frequently, but I am prone to headaches to begin with so I’m not sure if it really is from accutane or not.

Those are the only side effects I have experienced. As for my skin itself, it has not really changed at all. It’s still oily, and it’s still breaking out which is expected after only a week.

I’ll keep this updated!

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