Accutane Update: Week 2

So now I’ve been on accutane for a little over two weeks. I’ve started to experience quite a bit more side effects. Mostly dryness. EVERYTHING is drying out. My already dry scalp is even more dry. My lips have gotten worse than the first week, my face is dry, and now my body is drying out. My scalp and body are itchy from dryness and I’ve attempted to cure my scalp with apple cider vinegar but I have to try it a couple more times for it to work, and obviously a good moisturizer is the cure for dry skin.

Also I’ve noticed that my anxiety has been at an all time high. I get anxious about everything. Unnecessarily. It’s obnoxious and causes me to stress out.

I think I’m going through the purging phase as well. My skin broke out REALLY bad a couple days ago and is now starting to heal up (at least I think/hope so). It’s been a little harder to keep make up on and I’ve had to stop using my deslick spray by Urban Decay and switch to a hydrating primer and UD All Nighter spray instead. Other than that I’ve kept my skin care routine pretty much the same. Here are some pictures of my skin right now. It still sucks and I’ve even been breaking out on my neck…


Stay tuned for more updates!

One thought on “Accutane Update: Week 2

  1. Amber

    Hey I am 2 weeks into Accutane as well! My derm recommended Avene products. They sell a kit specifically made for people on Accutane. It works. Yes my lips are a little drier (use aquaphor lip therapy) but my face is not dry yet! And mix 3ish drops of jojoba oil in your moisturizer at night! It helps!!


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