Accutane Update: Week 3

Wednesday would have been week 3 on accutane but I forgot to update you guys!

So basically not a ton has changed from last week. My skin is drying out more and more and I’ve noticed small dry patches on my arms and on the back of one of my hands. Nothing major that a lot of hand lotion can’t fix. My already dry scalp is getting worse. I had been going back and forth about what to do because my hair AND scalp is dry normally, and accutane is making my scalp worse. But, my hair is color treated and I didn’t want to ruin it with dandruff shampoo, but I had to do something. I bought head and shoulders shampoo and I just work that into my roots and head, but not all through my hair. I rinse it out and follow it with SebastianDrench. I wanted to splurge on a GOOD high end conditioner and this one was $20 at CVS. So far so good. Other than that, my face is still purging but it seems to be slowly healing, but I feel the purging phase is not totally over. My face skin is still getting dry and I no longer have to wear any sort of mattifying anything. I just use the NYX Hydro Primer and apply my makeup as normal. I also stopped using my tea tree toner and I am going to pick up the Simple Skincare toner. Other than that, not much to report. Here are some updated pictures though…


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