When there’s nothing left to do

What do you do when you love someone so much, and you can’t see your life without them, and you can’t see yourself moving on and being with someone else, but there’s nothing left to do? There’s no way to fix your relationship. For years I was single and independent and I loved it. I didn’t think anything of it. I never had a desire to have a boyfriend or anyone else. I loved my alone time, and I loved just hanging out with my friends. But now, I’m so dependent, and I don’t know what I would do or where I would go without that one person. I’ve tried to think of solutions to this problem, but I found none. Trying to build up the strength to decide if I want to live a life I know I won’t like, to be with the person I love, or I just let go so I can move on.

He can’y grow up. I’m almost 22 and he’s almost 23 and he still choses his friends, and video games, and drinking over me every time. We’ve been together over a year and I know that he loves me a lot, but when I tell him that’s wrong, he can’t see how. He doesn’t understand why I should be put before his friends. I put him before everything. His friends aren’t his future, but I’m suppose to be. I gave up every thing for him because he asked me to and I saw my future and a life with him. But if he can’t return that favor, I can’t be in that relationship. But I can feel my heart breaking over it because I know how much he loves me, but I’m starting to realize that no matter how much he loves me, I’ll never be his top priority.

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