The disappointment is real

Now, before I go into this post, I was to say a couple of things. First, I am not a supporter of Trump OR Clinton. I did not vote, because I’m not going to waste my time choosing the lesser of two evils, or voting the 3rd party because they obviously aren’t going to win, or even writing in. This election is probably the biggest joke in history. The fact that people actually seem intelligent, but when it comes to politics, you see their true colors is scary. It’s one thing if you decide to choose the lesser of two evils, thats great for you and I have nothing against that. However, when you act like Trump or Clinton would be the greatest thing to happen to this country, that’s when I have a problem. You look like an absolute idiot with a jacked up truck with a confederate flag and 40 Trump stickers on the back. And you also look like an idiot with 40 Clinton posters and supporting someone who has let people be murdered and has lied over and over.
There really was no winning in this election. No matter the outcome, I knew it would have been terrifying for our county.
But for me personally, I am a person that believes in women rights in all aspects. I believe that people from other countries should be able to live in the US in peace IF they go through the process of becoming a US citizen. I believe the LGBT community should have all the same rights as everyone else.
I believe that something more should be done to help students pay for college, I believe that climate change IS REAL.
Some of these things are going to get lost with Trump as president, and that scares me. Trump doesn’t believe that climate change is real even though it’s been proven, and plans on defunding it. He doesn’t respect women even though his daughter is probably 1000x more intelligent and classy than him. I REALLY can’t understand why women voted for him. After everything that has surfaced about him talking about women. It’s disgusting.
On top of everything, he has zero political experience. I know there is a lot more to the government than the president. I know that everything has to be passed through congress, but just the fact that all Trumps campaigning has done is allow nationalist citizens to become hateful towards people who are different. It’s said it’s okay to be violent and sexist and racist, which back tracks this country unbelievably.

Now with all this said, I do want to put out there that there is a small piece of me that thinks Trump may not totally destroy this country. Maybe about 25% of me thinks that. The other 75% believes that he will cause many problems inside and outside of our country. The fact that other countries are scared for the US and some places are even inviting US citizens to live there, should be a giant red flag. Even from the outside, people can tell the US is going down. It’s so sad to see. I just really hope we make it through the next four years.

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