Accutane Update: Beginning of Month 3

For my 2nd checkup appointment to start my 3rd month of accutane, my dermatologists prescribed me to take 2 capsules a day. He warned me that this would intensify my dry skin, but also let me know that the third month is the month where your skin really clears up. So much so to the point it’s like magic and so I’m super pumped to get through this month. I’ve been taking 2 a day since the 1st of the month, and my scalp and body aren’t really dry anymore, but my face is SUPER DRY. Like the worse it’s been. I have to take off and fix the makeup around my nose and chin every couple of hours because my skin gets really dry in those areas and just flakes off. I think what I have around my nose is rosacea though. My skin hasn’t started to clear up yet. It’s still kind of breaking out. Not any worse than normal, just how it usually is. But I know I have to be patient and it’ll be worth it.

Back to the dry skin, I have been doing crazy research looking for serums or moisturizers that are specifically made for SUPER FUCKING DRY skin. So if you know any, high end or drug store, PLEASE let me know. The rest of my face is fine, it’s really just around my nose and chin. I put Aquaphor on them whenever I can.

Here are some pictures I took this morning of my skin. You can see that it’s a lot more red than it has been. It’s super sensitive and cleansing and moisturizing make it burn.

Leave any questions or comments you have!


One thought on “Accutane Update: Beginning of Month 3

  1. Amber Urban

    Hey! You are about a week ahead of me. My face isn’t super dry. I have been using avene cleanser my seem recommended along with their spring water spray. Lotion at night I am using la Roche posay Ciaplast baume b5 with argon oil. Helps a lot!!! Use dr dans lip balm as well. It’s a godsend.


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