Accutane Update & Current Skincare Products

I am now in the middle of my 3rd month of accutane which is suppose to be the month where your skin really starts to clear up. About 10 days into the month, my skin really cleared up, and then I broke out a few days ago. My skin is currently starting to clear back up again so hopefully this time it’s for good. My skin is still dry all over, especially my face, lips and hands. My lips have been really bad lately and no lip exfoliator I’ve tried has helped get all the dead skin off. They are so dry that the lip moisturizers I’ve been swearing by don’t even work as well anymore. I know the Lush Lip Scrubs work really well and I know my mom got me one for Christmas so I’m waiting on that. However, I have found products that have been working for my dry face. I still use my Cetaphil moisturizer, but I’ve also added the Burts Bees Radiance Night Cream with Royal Jelly for both night and morning, and I use that after my Cetaphil. Then, because the medication was causing eczema around my nose, I have been using Cortisone 10 on those areas and it has cleared right up.

Here’s some updated pictures of my skin.


Still a work in progress…

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