My Top Beauty Products of 2016


Without a doubt my absolute favorite beauty product of 2016. I first heard of this when YouTuber Marissa Lace raved about it on her channel. Since we have similar skin types, I decided to try it and I’m so thankful I did. This is a great medium-full coverage foundation for acne prone skin. It feels light on your face, it’s buildable, great color, and it has an anti-aging serum and SPF 50 in it. I cannot say enough good things about this stuff. It is a little pricer, but I’ve tried dupes and nothing compares. This will always be a favorite of mine. Definitely try this product at least once in your life.


This is a more recent favorite, but a great one. I got my Clarisonic back in 2012, but stopped using it about a year ago. A little over a month ago I picked it back up because nothing was helping get rid of all the dead skin on my face from side effects of Accutane. Now I know you’re not suppose to use something this abrasive while on Accutane, but I’ve had no problems with it. I use this at night only, normally everyday, and I just use my regular Cetaphil cleanser on it. I mostly go over my nose and chin area, but VERY lightly. This really gets all the dead skin off and makes my skin super soft and just makes my face feel super clean. Now using this on Accutane is definitely dependent on the skin type you have. My skins pretty good about handling heavy products so this is okay for me, but if you have sensitive skin, I wouldn’t recommend this.


The vitamin c serum I got is from TJ Maxx and was $4.99, but you can get them anywhere for a range of prices. If you have acne scarring, get this stuff. A friend with acne scarring recommended this to me and I will use it until all my scarring is cleared up. I’ve been using this for about two months now and it has done wonders. It’s lightened my scarring, and it smells awesome. Honestly, based on all my experience with acne scarring, if you use this, combined with the Clarisonic, and get some tanning in, that is the best way to get rid of acne scars fast.


When my skin started to get really dry from Accutane, it got so bad that it seemed like nothing I did was helping. Until I found a small sample of this I randomly had. It was a game changer. I know this is a night cream, but I use it morning and night for a good, thick and heavy moisturizer. It is amazing and it smells so clean and fresh. I will probably continue to use this even when I’m done Accutane. It’s that good. If you’re not willing to spend this much on a moisturizer, a good dupe for this is the Burts Bees Night Cream with Royal Jelly is a good 2nd for this and it’s about $15 at the drugstore.

My last beauty favorite is the Fresh Sparkling Snow Fragrance Mist from Bath and Body Works. It’s no longer sold, probably because it’s a holiday scent, but I was looking for a winter time scent that I felt fit me, and this was it. It smells amazing, definitely check out the candle or hand soap which are still available in this scent.


I will be doing an Accutane update probably this Wednesday so stay tuned for that!

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