Accutane Update

So my skin has finally started to REALLY clear up. I feel a lot more confident going out without makeup and it’s an amazing feeling. I cannot even express how happy I am to have finally reached this point. I have one active breakout, but it’s going away. Other than that, all I’m left with is acne scarring which I’m not worried about.
No side effects other than dry skin which is the only real side effect I’ve had. But I am handling the dry skin well.
I’m so excited for these next three months to come and go!


2 thoughts on “Accutane Update

  1. Hey Karrissa. Hope you’re good! Nice to read your journey. I’m also 21 and started the tablets 15 days ago now. Haven’t seen many changes just dry lips. Feeling rubbish. If you want to talk about it, let me know! Totally understand what it’s like let spots rule your life. I’m mapping my journey too! Check it out. X


  2. Hey Karissa, it’s so interesting to see others who have had the same acne treatment as me! I was 16 when I started my treatment of roaccutane and I’m now 21. I was lucky enough to only experience severely dry skin on my face but you can buy over the counter lotions to help with this! I have to say after treatment my skin wasn’t perfect and I did still have a lot of scarring but just keep going because it does go!! As you can see from pictures of myself on my blog now my skin is so much better, I only ever have blackheads and the odd break out every now and then so keep going:) I cannot express how much better my skin is now and I had severe acne on my face, chest and back. It does get better and it’s totally worth it!!xx


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