Minimalist Series?

So I’m deciding if I want to do a series on here about my journey with minimalism. Over the past month or so, I’ve done a lot of thinking about how I have all this stuff, and most of it I never use. I’m tired of having so much stuff, and spending my money on it. I want to become a minimalist. Not only is it more practical, but I think it will help quite a bit with my anxiety. I was thinking of doing a series on here where I would talk about my journey and where I’m starting/going, and also what exactly I’m doing. I know a lot of people are doing series like this, but everyone becomes a minimalist differently, so I wanted to a version that was my way of it. Now I’m not going to adopt the ENTIRE minimalist lifestyle where people live with literally almost nothing, I still like to feel comfortable and homey in my home, but I definitely can down size a lot and make space to help me feel like my life is more organized and less cluttered.
My boyfriend and I have already discussed adopting a more laid back “hippy-ish” life style, especially when we move back to Florida, but I want to start now so we can clear out the things we don’t need, and when it comes time to move down, we have a lot less to worry about.

Tell me what you guys think!

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