Accutane Update

So I believe i have 3 more weeks on accutane and then I’m DONE. I’m beyond excited to be done and have my skin and body just relax and feel normally again. Hopefully my anxiety goes down. But I’m excited to not have eczema or dry patches anymore. Just my normal skin, but clear.
Nothing has happened lately as side effects go. Just continued dry skin, especially on my arms, increased anxiety and thats it.
My skin doesn’t break out now at all, except if my skin starts to get dehydrated, like after wearing my makeup all day, or waking up and not washing my face and applying moisturizer for a while, I get these small red bumps that look like pimples, but they aren’t. I apply lotion and go to bed and when I wake up they’re gone. Here’s some updated pictures UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL. Just scarring left now.


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