Accutane Update (One Week Left)

It’s true… I have less than ONE WEEK LEFT ON ACCUTANE. It feel so good and I’m so excited to be done. In my last post I said I’d do updated pictures, but I also wanted to be detailed about them for the first time. So here’s what my skin looks like as of yesterday morning!img_0481
So from the front of my face alone, you can probably tell how much my skin has cleared, even some scarring. The small red spot on my nose is one of those weird bumps I was talking about that isn’t acne, it’s from having super dry skin I believe, and it’s already gone. The marks on the right side of my nose are scars from a small breakout I had about two weeks ago, and the small red mark on the left side of my nose, more on my cheek is from me scratching at dry skin…whoops.img_0482Everything you see here is scarring.img_0483And everything you see here is scarring as well.

As my time on accutane comes to a close, I have thought of a new way to fill my channel. I will be doing my first travel guide when I go to Tampa on Monday. I will do a blog post at the end of my trip with a video as well. I will also being doing a ‘What’s in my carry-on?/Airport outfit’ and ‘What I pack for Tampa’. Stay tuned!

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