Getting my sh*t together

I basically fell off the face of the planet…
I had been doing really well when it came to writing on my blog but I know I kind of disappeared. Honestly, I could give excuses as to why, but the truth is I’ve just been feeling out of sorts lately. You’d think with school being out for the summer I would have had more time to get my shit together, but over the past couple weeks I’ve felt more and more like I can’t control my life. Things kept being thrown at me and instead of actually doing something I’ve just been feeling bad for myself. I haven’t been taking care of my body or my life. All I want is to feel good about myself, healthy and happy. So finally I’ve started taking steps to get there.

  1. I started taking my multi-vitamin again
  2. I started working out more (slowly but surely)
  3. I made an appointment to change my birth control (my current one makes me light headed and dizzy)
  4. I made an appointment to get a mole removed (they think it could be cancerous)
  5. I started eating better (not perfect, but better)
  6. I started writing in a notebook everyday again
  7. I organized my days out and do out my finances more often
  8. I started seeing the chiropractor again (I’ve had scoliosis since I was 15)

    There’s definitely still things I want and need to do like buy shoe inserts for my work shoes to help my back, workout MORE, eat even BETTER, find a good skincare routine for me, be on my electronics less, read more, etc.
    I’m working on finding a routine that makes me feel good and helps me keep my life organized. I want to always be productive and never just lay around when there’s other things I could be doing. I’m trying to get back to being me.

    Would anyone be interested in a small series on here where I talk about my journey to feeling happy and healthy? Because I think that’s something I want to do. I want to be able to help other people. Let me know!

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