Falling into place?

This past weekend was long and hard and I couldn’t be happier it’s over. But it ended on a really great note actually. For those of you who don’t know, I am a server at a fine dining restaurant in my city. This weekend was graduation for a nearby prep school, so as you can imagine, the weekend was filled with over privileged snobby parents and their kids (not all customers were this way, just most). I worked Friday night, and we were slammed all night, a double on Saturday with my night shift having me on a function (a large graduation party), and then last night I worked another function for a graduation. Yesterday day, before work, I was so exhausted that I felt sick. I strongly considered calling out, but decided not to because I had to work a function, and I just told myself I just needed to get through one more night (because I have today off). In the end, I’m really glad I didn’t call out. Firstly, because it was good money, but mostly because of what happened at the function.
The man who booked the function was the father of the graduate, and he is a big wig in the world of wine and spirits. He’s CEO and owner of a major distribution company. We bonded over a love for Florida and discussed how I was moving back down. He was super nice, and ended up offering me a spot in his company when I get down to Florida because they have an office nearby where my boyfriend and I are looking to live. At the end of the night, he gave me his personal cell phone number and told me to text him so we could exchange emails and other information, and said he would get me a job when I get down there. I’m beyond excited because I wanted to find a job in Florida that wasn’t customer service (mostly just not serving) but was still good money. If I could be like a company rep or something similar, I would LOVE that and I feel I would be very good at it. AND it would just feel good to have a regular big girl job. I’m so excited that I basically already have a job lined up when I get to Florida and I feel like this is a sign that I’ve made the right choice by wanting to move back down. I can’t wait now!

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