Ulta and Target Haul

Did a little ‘Treat-yo-self’ day today. I got a package from Ulta that I ordered on Monday, so I wanted to share what I got. I also wanted to do something extra for myself today so I got a mani-pedi and picked up a few things at Target that I wanted to show as well.


First I picked these beauties up from Target. I really want more heeled shoes. I know these aren’t big heels, but I’m a pretty tall girl anyway so these are perfect. I loved these because they go with ANYTHING and I’m obsessed. They’re a suede material with a lace tie-up. Can’t wait to style these! They’re from the brand Merona and were $27.99.


Next I got these shorts. They’re just an army green color with an adjustable tie in the middle. Super light weight for the summer. I need more shorts and I’ve even wanting just some plain material type shorts for a while. They were $17.99.


Now this may seem odd, but I bought this set of scrunchies and I believe they were around $5.49 maybe? I use to love scrunchies and they’ve been coming back in style so I decided to pick some up. These are the Goody brand ones and they come in a 7pack with all these cute colors, because I am trying to branch out and wear more colors… (jokes).


Moving on to my Ulta purchases, the first thing I ordered was my holy grail foundation. The It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream. This stuff is aaaaaamazing and I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s a repurchase and I am in the color ‘Light’. It is a little pricey though at $38.


So It Cosmetics was doing free gift with a purchase of $35 of It Cosmetics products, so I got this baby for free! I’ve never tried it, but it’s the It Cosmetics Brow Power. It comes in a ‘universal shade’ so we’ll see how it works out on me. One end is like a waxy pencil, and the other is a spoolie brush. This is probably a travel size version so I’m not sure how much it retails for. If you’d like a review on this product when I get to try it, let me know!


Next I just ordered a E.L.F. blending brush because I needed a blending brush and E.L.F. brushes are only about $3.00 which is REALLY nice. This one is good quality for the price, as far as I can tell without using it yet.


This product I’m more excited about. I have never tried it, but it got really great reviews online. I was looking into the Banish Pumpkin Enzyme mask, but it retails for around $30. I saw this on Ulta.com and it was only $12.99 so I decided to try it out. I’m hoping it will be really good for my acne scarring and I will definitely be doing a review on this product!


Lastly, I got a couple sample items. First is a moisturizer made with truffle extract. I’m excited to see how it smells and works. They also sent me a ‘Beard Lube’ but obviously, I don’t have a beard so I’ll be giving that to my boyfriend!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post of what I picked up today! If you like posts like this or have any ideas to make them better, let me know! I will also review any products you guys would like.

Make sure to check out my YouTube channel as well! I’ll be posting a couple vlogs over the next few days so stay tuned on there for that! Thanks for all the awesome feedback!


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