Organization and planning journey

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you probably know that for the past few months I’ve been struggling with trying to be more organized and having a schedule or plan to follow. This is in different aspects of my life. Home, work, school, even skin care and a morning routine. I like having a routine. It makes me feel like I have my life together. But if my routine gets thrown off, I feel like I’ve failed already, as if I can’t just start over the next day. I always tell myself “today is the day I get my shit together”, and it never works out like that. I’ve tried things like starting a daily ‘to do’ list and other small things, which have helped, but I want it to do more. I want to have a strict morning routine where I even set aside time for blogging, vlogging, editing and writing. I want to have a strict skincare routine that I always follow no matter what. I want to finally exercise  regularly and have a workout routine, and start eating healthy. I need to start building healthy habits again. I’m going to give it another try today. I’m going to try and get organized and be productive. Here’s my plan…
I’m going to use the rest of the week to organize and clean so I feel like my environment is in order. Then, starting this Monday, I’m going to start exercising and eating clean. No more fried foods, soda, processed foods, and less dairy and sugar.
I’m going to be more on top of my blog and youtube and make sure I always have content constantly coming. I’m going to make a plan for uploading and writing.

Thank you guys for all your support and feedback! It’s very appreciated!

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