Moving In Series #2

Now that I’ve shared some basics of our moving journey, it’s time to share more detailed steps. We’ve finally figured out dates and I am going to share my ‘Things To Do before the Move’ list.

Our lease on our current place is up at the end of September and with that in mind, I’ve pretty much figured out the dates of everything.

My last day of work will be Wednesday September 6th and I’ve already put in my notice. I will be going down first with my friend driving with me, and we will be leaving Tuesday September 12th and arrive in FL on Thursday September 14th. I will stay the first night at my friends house and move into an AirBnB the next night for spacial reasons. Friday, I will go and look at all apartments that are an option and hopefully be able to pick one right away. My boyfriend will drive down that following Monday and arrive on Tuesday (he’s driving straight through).

Next is my ‘To-Do’ list before the move. Hopefully this helps you with planning a move!
– Find a FL bank to bank at
– Get car fixed for drive down
– Open a credit card
– Apply to jobs
– Cancel all future doctors appointments in NH
– Put in work notice (done)
– Transfer money from my savings account to personal account
– Purge apartment
– Cancel & find new chiropractor
– Request current job pay stubs
– Take out $500 cash for drive down
– Close out bank account with cashiers check
– Sell furniture
– Clean out and pack car


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