Healthy Morning Habits

sunrise-182302_960_720Good morning guys!

Lately I’ve been thinking about how I could be healthier. I use to live a pretty healthy lifestyle, but over the past year I’ve really let myself slip into bad habits. With everything going on in getting ready for the school year and our big move, I’ve been waiting until we get to Florida to really commit myself to a healthier lifestyle. I know it’ll be a lot easier to keep up with down there. So I wanted to share what I’m going to start doing to have a healthier lifestyle, and it all starts with your morning routine. Now, I also want this to be realistic. I’m not going to talk about stuff that I KNOW I won’t do, but sounds good. This is stuff I know is do-able for me, so I want to do it!

Waking Up:
When it comes to waking up, there’s a few things I want to change. I want to have a set time every morning to get up regardless if I work or not. I’m going to make this time 8:30am. That is the perfect waking up time for me personally.
Next is the alarm. I’m going to buy an actual alarm clock instead of using my phone, because when I use my phone as an alarm, I’m automatically pulled into it and am on social media for about a half hour which isn’t healthy. I’m also going to put my alarm clock across the room so that I have to get out of bed to turn it off. I’m also going to be storing my phone in a common area for the night, like my office. That way, it’s no where near me when I wake up to tempt me.

Morning Habits:
There are a few morning habits I want to adopt. First, and I know you’ve all heard this before, but I want to make the bed right after I get up. This helps the space look clean, and you’ve already accomplished something for the day. Next I want to teach myself about 5 yoga stretches that I can do sitting on my bed or on the floor. Just take time to myself to wake up and get my body moving.
After I’m done in the bedroom, I’m going to immediately move into the bathroom and wash my face and brush my teeth. I currently have a habit of waiting until I leave to do anything to do these things, when they really need to be done in the morning. I’ll always brush my teeth first thing, but if I’m working out that day, I’ll rinse my face with water and moisturize, and then cleanse when I’m done working out, but if not, then I’ll cleanse right away. Same goes for showering. If I’m working out, I’ll wait to shower, if not, then I’ll shower first thing in the morning.
From there I’ll move into the kitchen. I want to start taking apple cider vinegar shots again because I use to do it and it’s so good for your body and skin. I also want to start taking more vitamins to help my body inside and out. I want to make healthy breakfasts for myself most mornings, and I also want to start making coffee at home instead of spending money and Dunkins everyday.
After all that, I’ll either go to the gym or a work out class, or if it’s a rest day, I’ll sit down and get school work done since I will be doing it online. I’ll plan out my days, and I’d also like to start journaling again for at least 5 minutes a day. I’ll also clean up the apartment and do whatever needs to be done.
We also plan on getting a dog pretty quickly after we move down, so part of my daily exercise will be walking the dog. It’ll be good to get outside in the sun with the fresh air everyday too.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and can use some of these ideas for a healthy morning routine for yourself! Let me know what you think!

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