Making a change

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you would have picked up on the fact that I want to make a lifestyle change once I’m back in Florida. Mostly, I want to live healthier, but I also want to do things that make me feel more like myself and I wanted to talk about exactly what I plan on doing to be healthy and happier.

1. Eating healthy
Something that is always easier said than done. I want get back to eating healthy which is hard to do when you live somewhere that’s cold for most of the year because all you want is comfort food. I want to go back to never eating fried food or drinking soda, eating very little meat, reading labels of everything I buy at the grocery store, and cooking more.
2. Exercise
Kinda goes along with number one. But I want to get into exercising. I always did it in FL, but I never got into it. I want to take classes and learn to love it. I’m thinking of doing spin, yoga, etc. I feel like taking actual classes and going to the gym a couple days a week will really help me.
3. Focus less on social media
Now this is going to be contradicted in my next idea, but I want social media to be less prominent in my life, and I plan on taking about a month long break from it during the moving process (except for youtube and my blog but I will pre-record and pre-write posts and videos that I will upload). This is so I can really focus on the move and that way when I do come back, my presence on social media will have changed the way I want it to and I have some time to clear my head.
4. Focus MORE on social media
What I mean by this contradicting idea is that when I do get onto social media, I really want to focus on the content more. When it comes to my blog, youtube, and instagram. I want my Insta to have a theme, I want to have a set up with my YouTube and blog in a way people can remember.
5. Budget
My boyfriend and I have already discussed having a monthly budget since we will have a joint account when we get down to FL. I want to have a notebook strictly for budget related things so we always know where we’re at with money and what we can afford.
6. Self Care
Over the past year I’ve noticed I’ve stopped pampering myself and taking care of myself. Now this doesn’t mean I’m going to go crazy and spend all kinds of money pampering myself, but I just want to remember to take care of me before taking care of anyone else.


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